Kratos God of War Live Wall 1.1

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Kratos God of War Live Wallpaper! Helios neck gets cranked by Kratos!

*Uploaded to the Android Market on 7/27/2011!*

*Kratos God of War Live Wallpaper!*

*A must have and see for every Kratos fan!*

*High resolution rendering with bloom & HDR lighting!*

*Not compatible with Android firmware 2.3.4! Check your firmware version before downloading!*

*Download now and see Helios pain!*

!Please read all the details below before downloading!

The vicious scene in this brutal animated live wallpaper is all too familiar for those of you who have played the game! It’s Helios brutal & graphic death by decapitation! This vicious live wallpaper features Kratos with both of his hands gripping Helios head and cranking Helios neck so far that it causes Helios face to animate in pain! Helios head doesn’t snap from his body. Kratos repeatedly cranks Helios head all over the place to give him hell forever! It’s disturbing to watch! Helios pain can be felt just by looking at his agonizing face! HDR lighting can be seen reflecting off of Helios chest plate and Kratos shoulder armor! Rendered with bloom and HDR Lighting! Created from a 3D high resolution extraction of the actual God of War 3 Helios death scene! Download now and show everyone the power of the Android phone with this high resolution God of War 3 live wallpaper!

*Please leave a positive comment if you like/love this live wallpaper. If you don't like it then a refund/canceled order will be provided, given the live wallpaper is uninstalled less than 15 minutes after download. According to Google, uninstalling the app before 15 minutes after the installation will automatically cancel the order and there won’t be a charge. If a refund option is not available it’s because the purchase hasn’t been charged yet. So uninstall the download after 15 minutes to cancel the order before it’s charged. A negative comment is not necessary because a refund/canceled order will be given. If you do like/love the live wallpaper, please comment and give it a good rating. It's a win/win situation for all!*

- Helios face animates in some serious pain! You can see the fear in his eyes as Kratos grips his head!
- Kratos brutally cranking Helios head! Kratos face animates as hes working to rip Helios head off!
- Very disturbing to watch! Feel Helios pain!
- HDR and bloom lighting can be seen reflecting off Helios and Kratos’s armor!
- A brutal live wallpaper for every God of War fan!
- Adjust the speed of Kratos cranking Helios head/neck by increasing the fps!
- Adjustable frames per second for optimal performance on every Android phone!
- Adjustable screen size for compatibility on every Android phone!
- High Resolution optimized for the Android phone!

- After installation please select a "medium" or "big" screen size in the live wallpaper setting for optimal results!
- To achieve the best and smoothest 3D rendering possible, please disable all the left over unused apps running in your phone's background. The left over unused apps are wasting space in your phone's memory. You can delete their tasks by going to the task manager in your phone and then select "clear all memory." This should always be done when any 3D live wallpaper is active on your phone.

*Installation Instructions*
1. Long Press>Wall Papers>Live Wallpapers or Menu>Wallpapers>Live Wallpapers.
2. Go to this Live Wallpaper's settings and select the screen resolution and FPS that you feel looks best with your phone!

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*The God of War game and the character Kratos is a registered trademark of SCE Sony Computer Entertainment. By purchasing this application you agree that you are not in fact purchasing said names or images owned by SCE Sony Computer Entertainment but you are supporting the development of this application*

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